About Us

Gloria Casarez is a public Elementary School located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Originally named after the Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan who was one of the most famous Union Army generals of the American Civil War, We decided that, being named after a General of war, a general who overseen brutal campaigns against Native Americans does not represent who we are as a school. So in June of 2022 we voted to change the name of our school from Philip H. Sheridan to the Gloria Casarez Elementary School, Named after the American civil rights leader and LGBT activist, Gloria Casarez.

About 500 students attend grades through Kindergarten up to 5th grade within Gloria Casarez Elementary Schools, around 120 of those student reported having a primary home language of other than english. Due to this along with other factors we welcomed the Dual Language Program to Gloria Casarez to better prepare students for the future. Beginning in the 2023-2024 School Year, Gloria Casarez’s youngest learners can enroll in the District’s Dual Language Program, a free academic program designed for high academic achievement while developing cross-cultural and cross-linguistic competence.