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Parking on the Thayer St. sidewalk is prohibited as it endangers everyone.

Grades 1 – 5 @ 8:45 AM (G. St. Gate opens @8:35 AM)
     Kindergarten @8:45 AM (Thayer Street Gate opens @8:35 AM)


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Welcome to the Gloria Casarez Elementary School

Gloria Casarez Elementary School

Welcome Back to the 2022-23 School Year Families,

We are pleased to announce our school name change and want to provide you with the steps that were taken to make it happen.

The journey began by submitting a School Name Change Rationale Letter – Link.  Once approved by the district Superintendent and committee, we held several Name Change Committee meetings. On the community meeting held on April 25, 2022, the four families of individuals whose names were being considered for the new school name made their case for why the school should be named after their loved one.  2nd Community Meeting for School Renaming 4/25/22 Video (link upcoming).

It was exciting to tally over 700 votes cast by students, families, staff, and stakeholders where we shared the results at the third and final Community Meeting on 5/24/22. It is strongly encouraged that you take 35 min to view the video and review the slide deck where you get to meet Gloria Casarez’s widow and cousin and get to know Gloria more intimately.

Thank you for your continued support!


Bienvenidas de Vuelta al Ciclo Escolar 2022-23 Familias,

Nos complace anunciar el cambio de nombre de nuestra escuela y queremos informarle los pasos que tomamos para lograr esta meta.

El viaje comenzó con la presentación de una carta de justificación del cambio de nombre de la escuela a lideres del distrito (Enlace). Una vez aprobada por el superintendente del distrito y el comité, llevamos a cabo varias reuniones mediante el Comité de Cambio de Nombre. En la reunión comunitaria celebrada el 25 de abril de 2022, las cuatro familias de personas cuyos nombres se estaban considerando para el nuevo nombre de la escuela expusieron por qué la escuela debería llevar el nombre de su ser querido. Segunda reunión comunitaria para el cambio de nombre de la escuela 4/25/22 Video (enlace próximamente).

Fue emocionante contar más de 700 votos emitidos por estudiantes, familias, personal y partes interesadas donde compartimos los resultados en la tercera y última reunión comunitaria el 24/5/22. Recomendamos encarecidamente que se tome 35 minutos para ver el video y la presentación de diapositivas donde podrá conocer a la viuda y prima de Gloria Casarez y conocer a Gloria más íntimamente.

¡Gracias por su continuo apoyo!


REGISTRATION Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 11:00 AM outdoors to ensure we remain COVID safe. Please bring your needed documents and pack your patience.

Visit our Parent page (or click HERE) for registration packets.

To Register OnLine, go to: https://www.philasd.org/studentplacement/registration/

Once registered online, the application will be reviewed for accuracy and Nurse review of immunization record.  Once the above is complete, the school secretary will call you with next steps that will include your child’s start date and room number.